Exposed: Our 2021 Living Expenses as a Family of 4 in Sydney!

Annual spending of a family of four on the way to Financial Freedom in Sydney, Australia.

It’s that time of the year again: Here is our 2021 spending report. A quick warning – our living expenses now that we are a family of four have gone through the roof. You might be a little shocked by how much our lifestyle here in Sydney is costing us each month. But I can assure … Read more

Semi-Retirement Update – Q4/2021 – Coasting to FIRE

Money Flamingo Coast FIRE Progress January 2022

Welcome to our latest Early Semi-Retirement where we share the ups and downs of our Coast FIRE journey to Financial Independence and beyond. Like last time I’ve broken the update up into three parts – a financial update, a life update and a blog update.

Baby FIRE – A Cool Milestone to Reach Before Starting a Family!

Interview with Emily aka @babyfireby30 about her version of Barista FI- Baby FIRE.

Today I have something special for you: an interview with Emily aka babyfireby30! Emily is a teacher and has come up with a really cool twist on the Barista FIRE concept – BabyFIRE. She is building passive investment income so she can one day start a family without having to worry about going back to … Read more

Coast FIRE Explained [includes Coast FI Calculator]

Coast FIRE is becoming more popular as a Financial Independence strategy all the time. It is a very powerful concept. Our own approach to FIRE is based around Coast FI principles and has allowed us to claim our freedom back and semi-retire in 2020. We are now coasting to Financial Independence while enjoying more freedom … Read more

How Much Does a Baby Cost? – FIRE Edition

Baby Flamingo #2 turned 1 recently. I thought this would be a good moment to share my thoughts on a hotly debated topic in many FIRE Facebook Groups and on podcasts and Financial Independence blogs: the cost of having a baby in Australia!

How Can I Get My Partner On Board with Financial Independence? [FIRE FAQ #1]

How to get your partner interested in saving and investing for Financial Independence

Once you discover Financial Independence and realise how powerful this concept is, getting your partner on board becomes a priority for most people. Let’s explore the different kinds of partners who are not interested in Financial Independence and what you can do to get them on board!

Why the Semi-Retired Life Is the Ultimate FIRE Sweet Spot

Why the Semi-Retired Life is the Ultimate FIRE Sweet Spot. An article about balance and a slower FI journey.

In today’s article, I’m going to share a simple realisation I recently had about one of the main topics we discuss on the blog: Semi-Retirement aka SemiFIRE. Mr. Flamingo and I have been semi-retired for 12 months at the time of writing and I can honestly say that this lifestyle is amazing. Choosing a slower … Read more

Semi-Retirement Update – Q3/2021 – Coasting to FIRE

Money Flamingo Coast FIRE Progress October 2021

Our quarterly updates chronicle our adventures in semi-retirement and our financial progress from Flamingo FI towards complete Financial Independence (and probably Fat FIRE as well). Since we reached Flamingo FI in late 2020, we have not added any funds to our investments and are instead coasting to Financial Independence. You can read all about our … Read more

From Hardship to Financial Independence: Elena’s Story (FIRE Interview)

How Elena went from poverty and hardship to pursuing Financial Independence. Elena uses a Coast FIRE strategy to focus on her health and work part-time on the journey to FIRE.

Elena grew up poor and experienced a lot of hardship in her younger years. In this interview, she shares how discovering FIRE changed her life for the better and ended a long journey marked by struggle and the stresses bad investment decisions can cause. Not all financial success stories are short or simple. Elena’s story … Read more

Financial Independence And Life Planning: The Ultimate Recipe For Happiness

Life Planning is essential for Financial Independence Success and Happiness. Design a lifestyle that is in line with your goals to create real meaning and fulfillment in your life - long before you reach FIRE.

Financial Independence is an incredibly powerful tool. It allows us to create the time and freedom needed to pursue the things that we want out of life. However, there is a catch: If we don’t have a clear idea of what we really want, Financial Independence can take the place of our actual goals. It … Read more