Semi-Retirement Update – Q4/2022 – Coasting to FI

Welcome to our latest Semi-FI update, where we share the ups and downs of our Coast FI journey from Flamingo FI to full Financial Independence and beyond. If you are new to the blog and not familiar with our plan, you can find an overview here. Life Update We had a great break over the … Read more

Yearly Review and Goal Setting: 5 Questions to Help You Create Your Ideal Life

In this article, I’ll share five simple questions and some ideas to help you to move towards your ideal life (and not just towards your financial goals). Most Financial Independence enthusiasts have an annual review and goal-setting routine. We check how our investments performed over the last year, calculate our savings rate, review our spending … Read more

26 Alternatives to Early Retirement (that don’t require full FI!)

No matter where you are on the path to financial independence, there are many lifestyle design options you can use to create a better life for yourself and your family. They allow you to improve your life along the path to FI but are also great alternatives to early retirement once you reach your financial … Read more

The Retirement Lie and Its Unintended Consequences

Here is the standard FIRE blueprint: Step 1: Work hard, save, invest and … wait.Step 2: Reach FI, retire and sail into the sunset. We all know that’s not what usually happens (bear with me). Almost everyone (as in 99%+) of people who hit FI in their 20s, 30s, 40s and even early 50s will … Read more

Full-Time Nomadic Travel – Living a Life of Adventure

I’m super excited to share an interview with a couple who decided to sell most of their belongings, quit their jobs and embark on a permanent nomadic travel adventure. I’m sure you’ll find this story inspiring – whether nomadic travel and #vanlife are part of your life vision or not. Jed and his wife Kelly … Read more

The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Flamingo FI

One piece of feedback from the recent Money Flamingo reader survey surprised me. Many of you commented that I don’t write enough about our signature “type” of Financial Independence – Flamingo FI. The reason why I don’t write about the math and mechanics behind Flamingo FI that often is that it is a really simple … Read more

Location-Independent Income & Long-Term Travel With Kids

Location-independent income and long-term travel are definitely on the top 10 list of answers I get when I ask people what their plans are for their transition to a FI lifestyle and/or semi-retirement. In today’s interview we hear from Emma, a fellow mum and blogger who recently semi-retired. She is currently travelling Southeast Asia and … Read more

How Much Does a Toddler Cost? – FIRE Edition

Our youngest turned two recently. With two young kids in the house (a toddler and a pre-schooler who often behaves like a toddler…), I thought this is a great time to write a follow-up on our popular article about the cost of having a baby. The cost of raising a child is a heavily debated topic … Read more

The Best Books on Living an Intentional, Happy Life (Before and After FI!)

When I first started my journey to financial independence, I read every personal finance book I could get my hands on. However, there is only so much to learn about basic money management, FI math and investing. Over time I’ve become much more interested in books on related topics like money mindset, minimalism, life design, … Read more

Semi-Retirement Update – Q3/2022

Welcome to our latest quarterly update where we share the ups and downs of our coasting journey from Flamingo FI to full Financial Independence. If you are new to the blog and not familiar with our plan you can find an overview here. Life Update It’s certainly been an interesting three months since our last … Read more