Semi-Retirement Update – Q3/2022

Welcome to our latest quarterly update where we share the ups and downs of our coasting journey from Flamingo FI to full Financial Independence. If you are new to the blog and not familiar with our plan you can find an overview here. Life Update It’s certainly been an interesting three months since our last … Read more

The Biggest Risk of All

In the personal finance community we often talk about risks. The risk of running out of money in retirement; the risk of picking the wrong investment or getting the timing wrong; sequence of return risk; the risk of losing our job during the accumulation phase; leverage risk – you name it. The perceived level of … Read more

Flexibility – the Key to an Earlier Semi-Retirement?

Flexibility is an important factor in making our financial independence plans a success. Semi-Retirees are, by default, a flexible bunch. We are able to scale our active income up or down as needed because we are not fully retired. So far, it has been difficult to put numbers around the impact of flexibility and active … Read more

“I Thought I Hated My Job” – With Family Finance

Today’s article is an interview with a fellow Aussie content creator – Leigh from Family Finance. Leigh has been on the path to financial independence for about five years. One of her main motivations for reaching FI was that she thought she hated her job as a teacher. However, she recently had some pretty big … Read more

How to Prepare Financially for a Mini-Retirement or Sabbatical

One of the most common questions people ask me about mini-retirements and sabbaticals is how much to save. Financial planning is an important part of the mini-retirement preparation process. In this article, I’ll walk you through the three steps you should take to ensure your finances are ready for your time away from work. We’ll … Read more

How to Take a Life-Changing Mini-Retirement

Have you considered taking a mini-retirement? Whether you feel burnt out and need some time away from your full-time career, want to travel, start a business, or refocus and plan out your future – a mini-retirement or sabbatical might be an ideal break for you. Mr. Flamingo and I have taken several mini-retirements (some of … Read more

Downsizing From a Big Family Home to TWO Lifestyle Properties

Ahhh, the Australian dream of owning a home. And not any home – a free-standing house on a decent-sized block is what it’s all about. I have to say that it took me a while to get used to the Australian obsession with buying houses, upgrading and upsizing. In Europe, it is it’s the norm … Read more

How to Create More Freedom With a Portfolio Career

If you want to explore options like consulting, freelancing or self-employment and gain more control over how you spend your time, you might want to consider an alternative to the “career path” norm – a portfolio career. It doesn’t matter if you still work full-time or are semi-retired. Building a portfolio career is an interesting … Read more

Aussie Firebug: Accidentally Semi-retired

Today I’ve got something special for you: An interview with Matt, the Aussie Firebug! This is not another interview about savings rates, the best portfolio allocation or frugality – we talk about semi-retirement, lifestyle design, travel, entrepreneurship and how to make the most of the journey to Financial Independence. Who is Aussie Firebug?I don’t have … Read more

Semi-Retirement Update – Q2/2022

Time for another quarterly update where we share our coasting journey from Flamingo FI to full Financial Independence (and beyond). If you are new to the blog and not familiar with our plan you can find an overview here. Life Update The three months since our last update went by really quickly. The kids are … Read more