Flexibility – the Key to an Earlier Semi-Retirement?

Flexibility is an important factor in making our financial independence plans a success. Semi-Retirees are, by default, a flexible bunch. We are able to scale our active income up or down as needed because we are not fully retired. So far, it has been difficult to put numbers around the impact of flexibility and active … Read more

How to Prepare Financially for a Mini-Retirement or Sabbatical

One of the most common questions people ask me about mini-retirements and sabbaticals is how much to save. Financial planning is an important part of the mini-retirement preparation process. In this article, I’ll walk you through the three steps you should take to ensure your finances are ready for your time away from work. We’ll … Read more

How to Take a Life-Changing Mini-Retirement

Have you considered taking a mini-retirement? Whether you feel burnt out and need some time away from your full-time career, want to travel, start a business, or refocus and plan out your future – a mini-retirement or sabbatical might be an ideal break for you. Mr. Flamingo and I have taken several mini-retirements (some of … Read more

The FIRE Community’s Greatest Flaw

Have you watched your investment portfolio tank recently? There are dark clouds on the Financial Independence horizon at the moment – high inflation, food shortages, the energy crisis, supply chain issues, rising interest rates… I find that times like these expose one of the FIRE community’s greatest flaws: our all-or-nothing attitude. Let me explain.  How … Read more

Where Do You Stand On The Financial Freedom Spectrum?

One major focus of this blog is to showcase alternative FIRE strategies that help you claim your time back sooner so you can live your best life. I firmly believe that we don’t have to (and most definitely shouldn’t) wait until we reach our “magic number” before we start enjoying the benefits of the FIRE … Read more

The Barista-Coast FIRE Strategy – The Best Of Both Worlds?

We can use principles from different Financial Independence approaches like Barista FI and Coast FI to create a custom-built FIRE strategy to suit your lifestyle and goals. One of my favourite combo strategies is what I call the “Barista-Coast approach” (a mouthful, I know). Let me explain. With Coast FI, we cover our living expenses … Read more

Barista FIRE Explained (Bonus: Free Barista FI Calculator)

Barista FIRE is an alternative Financial Independence approach. While traditional FIRE is still the main goal for most members of the FIRE movement, alternative methods are becoming more popular. Barista FIRE is particularly popular in the US because of the health insurance benefits this approach offers. Barista FI consists of two phases – the accumulation … Read more

Money Flamingo FIRE FAQ #3 – Housing Special

It’s time for another FIRE FAQ post where I answer some of the most common questions I receive from readers. This time we’ll tackle three housing-related questions. As you might be aware Mr. Flamingo and I are currently in the early stages of the house-hunting process and hope to buy our semi-retirement home soon. I … Read more