Barista FIRE Explained (Bonus: Free Barista FI Calculator)

Barista FIRE is an alternative Financial Independence approach. While traditional FIRE is still the main goal for most members of the FIRE movement, alternative methods are becoming more popular. Barista FIRE is particularly popular in the US because of the health insurance benefits this approach offers. Barista FI consists of two phases – the accumulation … Read more

How Much Does a Baby Cost? – FIRE Edition

Baby Flamingo #2 turned 1 recently. I thought this would be a good moment to share my thoughts on a hotly debated topic in many FIRE Facebook Groups and on podcasts and Financial Independence blogs: the cost of having a baby in Australia!

Which Finfluencers Can You Trust? Red Flags and Revealing Questions

How to know which social media finfluencers, bloggers and other finance content creators you can trust. 7 red flags and 13 revealing questions to ask.

Finfluencers on Instagram, FIRE bloggers, Youtube channels about making money online, investing courses for millennials, podcasters who recommend share trading platforms, side hustle coaches, Fintok, the latest mentoring program by xzy personal finance guru, podcasters who recommend share trading platforms … The list of people in the personal finance and investing space who are not … Read more

Hypocrisy and Manipulation – Is the FIRE Movement Corrupt?

More and more finfluencers are joining the Financial Independence Movement and many are in it to make money and get rich quickly. Is FIRE Community corrupt?

I started this blog just over three years ago to chronicle the last leg of our journey and share our approach to Financial Independence. In 2019 our first child was born and life got busy. When I went back to work in late 2019 I stopped reading other personal finance blogs. We had another baby, … Read more