Money Flamingo FIRE FAQ #3 – Housing Special

It’s time for another FIRE FAQ post where I answer some of the most common questions I receive from readers. This time we’ll tackle three housing-related questions. As you might be aware Mr. Flamingo and I are currently in the early stages of the house-hunting process and hope to buy our semi-retirement home soon. I … Read more

Money Flamingo FIRE FAQ #2

Today we’ll tackle the following questions:

Should I pay off my mortgage or invest?
How do I fund my kids’ education?
Should I include my super and my home in my FIRE portfolio?

How Can I Get My Partner On Board with Financial Independence? [FIRE FAQ #1]

How to get your partner interested in saving and investing for Financial Independence

Once you discover Financial Independence and realise how powerful this concept is, getting your partner on board becomes a priority for most people. Let’s explore the different kinds of partners who are not interested in Financial Independence and what you can do to get them on board!