Picky Flamingo – Weekend Reads (21/07/2018)

Peter Thornhill on LICs, Dividend Investing and Other FAQ by Strong Money Australia: Dave’s interview with Peter Thornhill is a must read for all Australian investors…

Picky Flamingo – Weekend Reads (07/07/2018)

Power Is The Ability To Control Your Own Life by The Escape Artist: In this post, The Escape Artist tells us a story from the book Why Men Are The Way They Are. He describes it as a “parable about the trap of becoming overly focussed on status and spending.

Picky Flamingo – Weekend Reads (30/06/2018)

In I’m Financially Independent. Johnny Depp is not. How did this happen?, Mr. Free at 33 discusses Johnny Depp’s bankruptcy and the relationship between happiness and money. A light and entertaining read to start off the weekend!

Picky Flamingo – Weekend Reads (16/06/2018)

How fuck-over-able are you? The Wanderer from Millennial Revolution has created a formula that tells you how much someone else (like your employer) can screw you over.

Picky Flamingo – Weekend Reads (09/06/2018)

“Money can buy lots of things, but the best thing that it can buy is freedom.” I think this is a statement that everyone in the FI community can agree with.

Picky Flamingo – Weekend Reads (26/05/2018)

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