Reader Case Study: Semi-Retirement vs. FIRE

Semi-Retirement vs FIRE

Cliff and Elaine moved to Australia nine years ago. In the process, they gave up Cliff’s UK police pension that would have allowed them to retire early at age 52. Now they want to explore their retirement options in Australia. Should they go for FIRE and retire early or could (Early) Semi-Retirement using a Coast … Read more

The Life-Changing Magic of Semi-Retirement

Semi-Retirement offers amazing benefits. It is a great alternative to full retirement and allows you to design your ideal lifestyle long before you reach Financial Independence. I often talk about the ins and outs of (Early) Semi-Retirement and the alternative FI strategies (like Coast FI/Barista FI and Flamingo FI) that allow us to semi-retire and … Read more

Coasting to FI: Semi-Retirement Interview

Today I haves something special for you: An interview with a reader who was able to semi-retire in his 30s. Like many, he started off with a plan to retire early. But the closer he got to Financial Independence, his desire to stop working altogether disappeared. Instead, he decided to semi-retire and “coasted” his way to FI.

It’s time to talk about (Early) Semi-Retirement!

This is the first part of our Semi-Retirement series. Semi-Retirement is something that is not widely discussed in the FIRE community and it is a concept that we should all think about a little more. Depending on your plans for FI, semi-retirement will likely be part of the mix. We’ll start off by defining what Early Semi-Retirement means and how it relates to FIRE.