Coasting to FI: Semi-Retirement Interview

Today I haves something special for you: An interview with a reader who was able to semi-retire in his 30s. Like many, he started off with a plan to retire early. But the closer he got to Financial Independence, his desire to stop working altogether disappeared. Instead, he decided to semi-retire and “coasted” his way to FI.

It’s time to talk about (Early) Semi-Retirement!

This is the first part of our Semi-Retirement series. Semi-Retirement is something that is not widely discussed in the FIRE community and it is a concept that we should all think about a little more. Depending on your plans for FI, semi-retirement will likely be part of the mix. We’ll start off by defining what Early Semi-Retirement means and how it relates to FIRE.

Reader Case Study: “How much is enough?”

Today’s case is from a couple from Victoria. They are on their way to FI but don’t have any plans to retire once they get there. Instead, they want to move to part-time work asap. How much they can reduce their income right now without jeopardising their goals?

500 Day Course Correction: Our NEW Plan

Last week, we reached the halfway mark of Project 1000. The last 500 days flew by so fast and a lot of things have changed in our lives since the start of Project 1000. So this is a great time to review the plans we made back in May 2018 and make adjustments as needed so we can make the most of the next 500 days.

Reader Case Study: A Fresh Start

Today’s case is from a new fellow blogger – Danny aka The Incompetent Investor. After several financial mistakes and big losses, Danny wants to reach Flamingo FI as soon as possible to focus on his health. How soon can he get there? Note to readers: If you would like your own case study, please get in …

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