Quarterly Semi-Retirement Update – Q1/2021

Welcome to our first quarterly update since we hit Flamingo FI! Going forward, we will post a life and financial update once a quarter instead of the monthly progress updates we published during our accumulation phase . I have recently written an in-depth article about our plan to coast from Flamingo FI to FIRE in … Read more

Exposed – The Money Flamingo Household’s 2020 spending!

We are back! It has been over 3 months since our last post and I can report that we survived our first few months as a family of four. Today’s post is our overdue 2020 spending report (how is it March already??).

What’s next for the Money Flamingo family?

It has been almost two months since we reached Flamingo FI and completed Project 1000. I would like to thank everyone for your messages and support, it really means a lot! As you might have noticed things have gone a bit on the quiet side on the blog. I am aware that some of you … Read more

Project 1000: September 2020 – 135 Days to Freedom

We are getting so close! As you’ll see below we got so so close to hitting our Flamingo FI goal last month. But at the time of writing in early September, the market has just taken a dive (the NASDAQ in particular) and there might be more to come. I still have the feeling that … Read more

Project 1000: August 2020 – 177 Days to Freedom

Another month, another update. Time seems to fly at the moment. Only 177 days left until the end of Project 1000! Our numbers continue to look good. But as I mentioned in the last update I don’t really trust the market at the moment, it all seems a bit like the silence before the (economic) … Read more

Project 1000: July 2020 – 198 Days to Freedom

We are getting close! Only 198 days left until the end of Project 1000! At this stage our numbers look quite promising. If things don’t go terribly pear-shaped over the next few months we should be able to reach our goal by the start of next year. Of course we are in a recession (which … Read more

Project 1000: June 2020 – 240 Days to Freedom

Welcome to our June update! The markets have continued to recover over the last month. As you will see below our nest egg (fuelled by our saving efforts) has done very well in May. At the time of writing Australia has officially entered recession territory, so we are fully aware that our investments might take … Read more

Project 1000: May 2020 – 261 Days to Freedom

Things are starting to look up! The markets have recovered somewhat over the last month and Australia has done a stellar job at containing the virus. Of course we are probably headed for a recession and markets might drop again. But for now it seems like things are looking a lot more positive than just … Read more