Work 1:1 With Me - Coaching

I work 1:1 with a small number of people who are ready to make changes in their life and want support and guidance as they transition to the next phase of their financial independence plan.

Below you’ll find an overview of my coaching program, steps to get started and an FAQ section with the most common questions I receive.

Who is this coaching program for?

This program is designed to help you navigate your transition to a more balanced life based around your priorities. It is geared toward people who are well into (or past) the second half of their journey to Financial Independence and who want to make a change like

  • transitioning to semi-retirement
  • taking a mini-retirement or sabbatical
  • moving to part-time work
  • a career change
  • figuring out their priorities and what they want their future to look like
  • simply living more and working and stressing less

Whether you suffer from One-More-Year Syndrome, are scared you’ll regret your decision or worry about “leaving money on the table” – coaching can help!

We will be working together closely throughout the coaching period. My goal is to support you and cheer you on as you make changes, so it is important that we are a good mutual fit. 


Program Overview

The coaching program is based on life transition models. We will work together 1:1 over a period of six months as you make plans for your transition and implement them. After this initial coaching period, many clients continue with bi-monthly or quarterly review sessions for a period of time.

Here is what’s included in the coaching package:

  • 6x one-on-one sessions (about one hour each) over a period of six months
  • Regular accountability and progress check-ins during the entire coaching period
  • Tools, worksheets and helpful resources
  • Pre-work before and reflection exercises in between sessions – this helps us make better progress and helps you focus on your goals continually
  • Email support for the duration of the coaching period – this is great for quick questions and updates

Here are some examples of the kinds of areas I’ve worked with clients on: 

  • Creating more work-life balance and transitioning to a 4-day and then 3-day week
  • Preparing mentally for semi-retirement and stepping away from a very successful career, and working 80 hours a week
  • Figuring out an ideal routine around work, family and passion projects
  • Working through a lifestyle design process to determine good options for a “second act career”
  • Overcoming one-more-year-syndrome and finally “cutting the cord” to a very lucrative but soul-sucking and time-consuming corporate job
  • Preparing for a sabbatical (mentally and financially) to test-drive retirement

The Coaching Process

I like to use an Imagine-Plan-Implement-Refine-Celebrate process for coaching as I’ve found it creates the most meaningful change.

Before our first session, you’ll receive an extensive entry questionnaire that will form the foundation of our work together. It will help you define your goals and challenges and paint a clear picture of where you are at right now.

We usually pick 1-2 focus areas during our first session, set a goal or a series of goals and then create a step-by-step plan to get you there. Over the next three sessions, we review your progress and refine the goals and strategies as needed. During the final session, we celebrate your progress and create an action plan for the time after the coaching period so that you can be confident about your future. Many clients continue with quarterly review sessions, but it’s completely optional.

When appropriate, we can supplement the coaching experience with mentoring/consulting. I have experienced many of the challenges people who want to step off the “highway to FI” face. I am always happy to share my own experience and what has helped me make the successful transition to a semi-retired lifestyle.

What Are the Benefits of this 1:1 Coaching Program?

When you commit to a 1:1 program like this, you signal to yourself that you are ready to make a change. It’s an investment in yourself and your future. I work one-on-one with people because it is much more personal and drives real change. You can’t “hide in the back” with this kind of coaching, it’s all about you, your goals and a clear process to get you there.

Here are the main benefits:

  • I will be your sounding board and biggest supporter
  • You work with someone who has successfully completed a transition process similar to yours, who understands Financial Independence and the mindset challenges that come with downshifting
  • Honest feedback and encouragement
  • Continuous accountability and progress checks
  • A clear, actionable step-by-step process

Getting Started – Next Steps

  1. Join the waitlist by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. Please note that I only take on a small number of clients each quarter. 
  2. You’ll receive a waitlist confirmation email with questions about who you are, your situation and your goals. Please respond to the email so I can review your answers.
  3. If it looks like we might be a good mutual fit, we’ll jump on a quick 15-minute intro call where I will answer any questions you may have.
  4. You’ll receive a coaching offer and a suggested start date (there might be a 1-2 month wait).
  5. We get started and work towards a more balanced life based on your values.

Ready? Join the Waitlist!

I hope you now have more clarity on what the program entails and whether it’s a good fit for you.

If you are ready for a change, I’d love to work with you!

Please fill in the form below, and I’ll be in touch. Please don’t forget to check your inbox for the confirmation email and respond to the intake questions.

If you have any further questions, you can send me a message via the Contact form.


People in the later stages of their journey to FI who are ready to make changes and downshift. This can look different for different people – some want to simply work and stress less, and others want to take a sabbatical or transition to a semi-retired lifestyle. Some clients are not ready to downshift yet but want to work on their mindset now so they can overcome their scarcity thinking and avoid one-more-year syndrome later on.

No. I am not a financial planner and will not comment on your investment choices. This coaching program is designed for people who are past the “what should I invest in to get to FI” stage. While we will look at your net worth numbers and possibly your household budget, we will only do so to figure out your “enough”. Please see a licenced financial planner if you need someone to review your investments.

Not at this stage. I find that the 1:1 approach works really well to create lasting change as it’s very personal and allows us to focus on your specific goals and challenges. It’s definitely not for everyone but can create massive change in people who fully embrace the process.

This program is right for you if you

  • can feel that you are ready for a change but find it hard to get started
  • are fast approaching your FI goals
  • have no consumer debt, an emergency fund and have reached your Coast FI number as a minimum
  • are unsure what you want your future to look like once you’ve reached your financial goals
  • want to work less and live more
  • feel that your life is not aligned with your true values and goals
  • want to overcome your scarcity mindset and work towards an abundance mindset
  • want someone who has been there by your side as you transition to a slower lifestyle

Coaching is a very personal experience and our intro call will help us determine if this program is the right fit for you and your goals.

This program is geared towards a specific subset of people on the path to FI. It’s definitely not for everyone.

This might not be a good fit if you

  • are in the early stages of the journey to FI (if this is you I would recommend the Find Your FI course)
  • have consumer debt and no significant savings and investments
  • are not ready to invest in yourself and your future in this way
  • are not ready to make any changes or work on your mindset
  • want to use this program to get investment advice
Not at this stage. The program includes financial coaching elements (and budgeting if needed), but I don’t provide this type of coaching as a stand-alone offer.