Picky Flamingo – Weekend Reads (03/11/2018)

Picky Flamingo is a collection of the best financial independence and personal finance articles I’ve come across during the past two weeks. We focus on articles from Australian contributors, but you will also find some great international content. The articles cover the themes we talk about here at Money Flamingo – investing, financial independence, early retirement, personal finance, frugality, lifestyle, and happiness. Picky Flamingo is published every other Saturday morning. If you would like our picks to be delivered to your inbox, make sure to sign up for the newsletter!

Presenting… The latest edition of Picky Flamingo:

  • From Australian bloggers:
    •  Jumping on the LIC Bandwagon by Pat The Shuffler
    • The Ultimate Guide to Debt Recycling by Strong Money Australia
    • You Need a Plan by Papa’s Pennies
  • From the rest of the world:
    • Time to Financial Independence by Fetching Financial Freedom – nothing new here but a cool tool to calculate your time to FI
    • Work Makes Leisure More Enjoyable (And Vice Versa) by Mr. Free At 33
    • How these penny-pinchers retired in their 30s by PBS Newshour – a short clip about FI that also features Mr. Money Mustache!

That’s it for this time – a short and sweet selection. See you back here in two weeks! 😊


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