Picky Flamingo – Weekend Reads (29/09/2018) + Money Flamingo on “The Personal Finance Show”

Picky Flamingo – Weekend Reads (29/09/2018)

Welcome to the latest edition of Picky Flamingo – Money Flamingo’s Fortnightly Roundup.

Picky Flamingo is a collection of the best financial independence and personal finance articles I’ve come across during the past two weeks. We focus on articles from Australian contributors, but you will also find some great international content. The articles cover the themes we talk about here at Money Flamingo – investing, financial independence, early retirement, personal finance, frugality, lifestyle, and happiness. Picky Flamingo is published every other Saturday morning. If you would like our picks to be delivered to your inbox, make sure to sign up for the newsletter!

Presenting… The latest edition of Picky Flamingo:

Money Flamingo on “The Personal Finance Show”

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for a podcast!

Beau Humphreys from the Canadian podcast The Personal Finance Show contacted me and asked if he could interview me for a special “Australian Personal Finance Series”. We met in a park, went for a walk and he asked me lots of questions about my personal finance story*.

I had never been on a podcast (or been interviewed by anyone for that matter), so this was a first for me. But I have to say it was good fun, especially because he asked about things I had not thought about in many years. You can listen to the result here:

While Beau was in Australia he also interviewed some other Australian bloggers and “finance people”. You can find the full list of episodes on his website.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s selection! See you back here in two weeks! 😊


* The numbers Beau mentions in the intro are not our real numbers. I am not sure where he got them from, maybe he just picked them for illustrative purposes.

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