Coast FIRE Calculator, Flamingo FI & Traditional FIRE Calculator – Download Our All-in-One Semi-FI Calculator!

Looking for a Coast FIRE Calculator? Not sure if you are financially ready to semi-retire? Wondering when you’ll reach Flamingo FI? Uncertain if traditional FI and early retirement are still an option for you? We’ve got you covered with our popular all-in-one Semi-Retirement Calculator!

Coast FI Calculator - also calculates FIRE and Flamingo FI

When can I semi-retire?

Our free Semi-Retirement Calculator is much more than just a standard FIRE Calculator. It includes a Coast FI calculator and also lets you calculate your Financial Independence and Flamingo FI numbers. If you are considering semi-retirement or an alternative path to Financial Independence, this is the FIRE calculator for you!

The Semi-FI calculator includes the following options:

Coast FI Calculator:

  • Your CURRENT Coast FI numbers for your target and traditional retirement ages
  • Your Coast FI and Coast-to-Target age and net worth numbers

Flamingo FI Calculator:

Your Flamingo FI number (and your age when you will get there)

FIRE Calculator:

  • Your FIRE number (and how old you’ll be when you get there if you keep saving)
  • When you could fully retire (reach FIRE) if you semi-retired and stopped saving right now

You can find out all about Semi-Retirement and the best Semi-FIRE strategies here: Semi-Retirement Explained.

If you haven’t downloaded the calculator yet, you can do so by entering your details here:

How To Use The Semi-FI Calculator

  1. After clicking on the download link in the email we sent you, you can save your personal copy of the calculator. Important: The calculator doesn’t work on mobile phones, please use it on your laptop/desktop.
  2. Enter your details in the blue fields in the “input fields” section. We’ve added some tips and hints in the description next to each field.
  3. Once you have entered all of your details, you can scroll down to the results section. Here you can see your Coast FI, Flamingo FI and FIRE numbers and ages. The results will look something like this:
Coast FI calculator results and Flamingo FI and FIRE numbers
From top to bottom: Coast FIRE Calculator, Flamingo FI Calculator and traditional FIRE Calculator

Coast FIRE, Flamingo FI and FIRE – What Do The Results Mean?

Head over to our Semi-Retirement Guide to learn about semi-retirement and the different Semi-FIRE strategies: The Ultimate Guide to Semi-Retirement.

Here is a quick summary:

Coast FI is the point at which you can stop saving and investing for your traditional retirement. Once you reach this point all you need to do is cover your living expenses while your investments compound in the background. Coast FI is a powerful milestone on the path to Financial Independence. You can find out more about this important concept in our full guide to Coast FI.

Flamingo FI is a variation of Coast FI geared towards those who want to semi-retire but who still want to reach early retirement at some point before their traditional retirement age. With this strategy, you aim to reach full Financial Independence and have the option to retire early about 10-15 years after you reach Flamingo FI. Read our guide to Flamingo FI to find out more.

FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) is the point at which you have enough money invested that you can fully retire and draw an income stream from your nest egg. This is true financial freedom. In contrast, both Coast FI and Flamingo FI require you to work in some capacity (we call this semi-retirement) until your investments have compounded enough for you to retire.


Should I include my super / 401k in this calculation?

In short: yes. We believe there is no reason not to include your retirement accounts in these calculations unless all of your money is locked away in these accounts. I’ve covered this question in our FIRE FAQ #2 in more detail.

Should I include my home equity?

No, only include your FIRE assets (income-producing assets that are invested for your retirement).

Is this FIRE Calculator for Australians only?

Not at all. While Money Flamingo is an Australian finance blog, the topics we cover are universal. The Semi-FI calculator does not take into account your specific country’s retirement system, so you can use it wherever you are to calculate your Coast FI, Flamingo FI and FIRE numbers and ages.

What’s new in the 2023 version of the Semi-FI Calculator?

We’ve added separate fields for your expected annual return and your expected long-term inflation rate on popular demand. This makes it easier to test different assumptions and to see the impact of inflation and your returns.

What does “inflation-adjusted return” mean?

That’s your expected investment return after inflation. So if you assume your return will be 8% per year and inflation will be 3% per year, your inflation-adjusted return is 5%. Remember that we are using long-term averages here, so even though inflation is very high right now, this might not be the case forever.

How high will my investment return be? Which safe withdrawal rate (SWR) should I use?

We’ve covered these assumptions in our Coast FI article (under the “assumptions” section): Coast FI Explained

Can I use the Coast FI Calculator to calculate my Barista FI number?

No, Coast FI and Barista FI are not the same concept. But you are in luck – we actually have a free Barista FI calculator here: Barista FIRE Explained!

Do I need a Google Account to access the calculator?

Yes, you need a Google Account to download your personal copy of the calculator. We are working on an Excel version, but for now, Google Sheets is the only option.

I have more questions about Coast FI and Flamingo FI. Where can I get some answers?

We have a private FB group specifically for people who are pursuing a semi-retired life and/or alternative FIRE strategies (which includes Coast FI and Flamingo FI). It’s a great community of like-minded people, and we would love to have you.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that we are not financial advisors and do not offer financial advice. Please do not implement any of the information from this calculator or our website without seeking professional financial advice first. This calculator is for informational purposes only and does not take into account your individual personal circumstances. The presented results should not be taken as professional advice or relied upon for making important decisions.