What’s next for the Money Flamingo family?

It has been almost two months since we reached Flamingo FI and completed Project 1000. I would like to thank everyone for their messages and support; it really means a lot! As you might have noticed, things have gone a bit quiet on the blog. I am aware that some of you are eagerly awaiting an update on our plan now that we have reached our goal and are slowly transitioning into phase 2 of our approach to FIRE: Semi-Retirement.

What we are up to now

I already hinted that we were expecting a major life change and that we would be super busy in the foreseeable future. The reason for that isn’t some crazy new venture, though. I’m excited to announce that we welcomed Baby Flamingo #2 a little while ago – just a few days after we reached Flamingo FI, to be exact! 🙂 Talk about perfect timing!

As you can imagine, we have our hands full at the moment. We have officially entered the “2 under 2” club. So far, it has been exhausting but also wonderful and exciting. There really isn’t anything like bringing a new person into the world.

It’s a busy time in the Money Flamingo household!

Thanks to Flamingo FI we have less pressure to earn a lot of money now, so we decided to both take a few months off to embrace this special time. After that, Mr. Flamingo will go back to work for now, and I will be on maternity leave for an extended period of time. I have no intentions of going back to work full-time, but it’s nice to have the option with everything that is going on in the world right now. We have a lot of ideas about what we might want to do and where we might want to live in the medium term. A lot of that depends on the opening of borders, so we have decided to stay put for now and enjoy our new life as a family of four.

I have to admit that at the moment, money is not really something I think about a lot. I have not looked at our portfolio since we reached our Flamingo FI goal, and I think that’s a very good thing. I remember checking our spreadsheets obsessively in the early stages of our accumulation phase, and I really enjoy this new freedom. As I mentioned in our last post, I plan to publish an update every quarter from now on so that those who have followed our journey can see our progress over time. I hope this helps people who are still in their accumulation phase stay the course.

What’s next for the blog

Apart from these quarterly updates, I will focus my future posts on things other than money. Over the last year or so I have received quite a lot of reader questions about how having a child impacted our FIRE plans. And now that we have not just one but two kids, I feel I have a lot to say about this topic. So, the theme around the blog might become a bit more “Mummy Flamingo” and less “Money Flamingo” for a while.

I also plan to write a bit more about the semi-retirement concept as we figure out what stage 2 of our plan will look like in practice. But for now, I will focus on soaking up this precious time with my family and enjoying the summer by the beach! 🙂

See you back here soon!

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18 thoughts on “What’s next for the Money Flamingo family?”

  1. How exciting, big congratulations to you!
    I’m happy to hear the new direction the blog will be taking and look forward to reading more posts on how I can successfully follow in your footsteps and not stress about money with a young family. Thanks for going first ?

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch aus der alten Heimat!! Freut mich, dass es euch gut geht und ihr nun zu viert in die zweite Phase geht!!! 🙂


  3. Excellent news! Very exciting, congratulations all around. Would love to hear more on how you manage “two under two” – we have a 3 month old and are contemplating whether to start “baking” a second soon ☺️

    • Two under two is definitely a challenge. Our little one was so cute and harmless when he was younger and we thought a second wouldn’t be a problem. But then the cute baby suddenly turns into a toddler and things can be quite difficult with a newborn in the mix too. People keep saying that the small age gap will be awesome when they are a bit older and I think that’s definitely true. It’s definitely not a walk in the park at the moment. Let me know if you end up with two under two as well and we can swap notes! 😉

  4. Fantastic news, congratulations! And really great to hear from a family of four and not just young people without kids! Looking forward to mummy flamingo!

    • Thanks Emma! I agree, the whole FIRE equation is quite different for a family compared to a DINK couple or young single working full time. I’ll do my best to offer our perspective as a family. I can see why most bloggers are singles or high-income couples: they have more time! Case in point: It took me almost 3 months to respond to the comments on this post. 😉

  5. Congratulations! Fantastic news. One of my massive motivations towards FI/RE is to be able to raise a family one day, so you guys are literally living my dream! Enjoy your break and when you feel like getting back into blogging, we will all be here waiting for updates

    • Thanks Captain! Taking care of the financial setup before starting a family definitely makes sense. Life with young kids can be crazy and takes all your energy, so it’s a good thing not to have to worry about money when the time comes.

  6. That’s great news! Looking forward to the Mummy Flamingo updates.

    Partner and I are getting married in a few months and then plan on having kids next year. My partner thinks kids are really expensive and we won’t be investing whereas I don’t think it will be that much of a shock and we’ll just have to choose what we spend $ on carefully.


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